Things That Weigh 180 kg – (180 Kilograms Comparison)

16 Things That Weigh 180 kg – (180 Kilograms Comparison)

Wondering what things out there could weigh 180 kilograms? Well, wonder no more, my friend, because today I’ve got a list of 14 Things That match exactly that criteria.

Before we get to measuring, let me give you an idea of what 180 Kilograms equals and feels like.

180 kg is equal to:

  • 396.83 pounds (lb)
  • 12,125.39 troy ounces (oz t)
  • 5,000 carats (ct)
  • 1,764.22 ounces (oz)
  • 0.18 metric tons (tonnes)
  • 0.2 short tons (tons)

While these digits might satisfy the curiosity of some, others might opt for a more real-life comparison to further understand what 180kg feels like.

And that’s where today’s list comes in handy, we’ll delve into a full in-depth 180kg comparison.

Some of these objects/creatures will for sure leave you feeling awestruck. From massive animals to hefty equipment, from very practical to the bizarre.

I’ll also describe each in detail and give some interesting facts about their weight and size.

Also, just to make sure the numbers match! I have been careful to ensure that the information in this article is correct.

I myself carried out extensive research and cross-referenced a number of sources to get the correct mass figures.

So without further ado, sit back, relax, and let’s get down to measuring.

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Four Bags of Cement

#1. Four Bags of Cement

Cement is a versatile and durable building material that has been used for thousands of years.

It is made by combining various materials, such as limestone, clay, and sand, with water and allowing it to harden.

Depending on where you’re from, a single cement bag weighs between 90-120 pounds, meaning you’ll need 4 bags of cement to come the closest to the 180 KG mark.

12 Medium-sized Suitcases

#2. 12 Medium-sized Suitcases

These suitcases are common at airports and hotels, you probably have one lying in the house.

They are used to transport clothing, personal items, and other essentials when traveling.

When empty, a single medium size suitcase will weigh between 5 and 7 pounds.

However, when fully loaded, that same suitcase weighs between 33lb (15kg) and 44lb (20kg).

So, to get as close as you can to 180 kilograms, you’ll need about 12 medium-sized suitcases.

While it may be off a few kilos, this is still considered a handy reference point hack.

Four One-piece Toilets

#3. Four One-piece Toilets

Toilets are an essential part of any modern home or business.

They serve to dispose of human excreta and are designed to be comfortable, hygienic, and efficient.

One-piece toilets are the most common and popular on the market.

While a little heavier, but are also easier to clean and provide less room for bacteria to grow.

An average one-piece toilet weighs about 100 pounds. Actually, this could be more or less by 20 pounds, depending on a number of variables.

Assuming I’ve done the math correctly, 4 one-piece toilets weighing 45 pounds each add up to being very close to 180 kilograms.

Four Pumpkins

#4. Four Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a nutritious food source often used in recipes for pies, soups, and stews.

While the heaviest one on record came in at 1226 kg (1. 2702.8 pounds), your average pumpkin is way lighter than that.

A pumpkin can grow up to 45 kg or higher if planted correctly and well cared for.

Now, take 4 of those, each weighing 45kg, adding up to a total weight of 180kg.

Pumpkins are quite popular decorations during the Halloween season and are often carved into jack-o-lanterns.

In some cultures, they even are believed to have medicinal properties.

Four semi-truck tires

#5. Four Semi Truck Tires

Semi-trucks are large commercial vehicles that are used to transport goods over long distances.

They typically have multiple axles and wheels and require specialized tires to support their weight and withstand the rigors of long-distance travel.

According to Internationalusedtrucks, One semi-truck tire weighs slightly over 100 pounds (45kg).

Meaning 4 of those tires will get us as close as possible to equal the 180kg threshold.

A Sport Motorbike

#6. A Sport Motorbike

Sports bikes are designed for use on city streets and highways. It is a popular mode of transportation for people who want to navigate through traffic quickly and efficiently.

With their sleek design and powerful engines, they can easily reach incredible speeds and take tight corners.

Also, their weight normally ranges between 280 – 530 pounds (127-240 kg).

However, here are some options that are in the 180 kg range:

  • 2021 Ducati Supersport 950
  • 2021 Yamaha YZF-R1M
  • 2020 Ducati Supersport S
  • 2018 Ducati SuperSport
  • 2017 Ducati SuperSport
  • 2017 Yamaha YZF-R1M
  • 2021 Aprilia RSV4 RR1000

Besides their cool appearance, these bikes are often used in high-performance racing competitions, such as MotoGP and Superbike World Championship.

A 10000 Litres Water Tank

#7. A 10,000 Litres Water Tank

Water tanks are used to store and transport water and are an essential part of many plumbing and irrigation systems.

They come in various sizes and materials and are often used in areas with limited access to clean water.

Water tanks can also be used to store rainwater for later use and are an important part of many sustainable living practices.

A 10,000 Litres Water Tank is a very popular choice, and on average, weighs between 180KG – 190kg.

40 Domestic Cats

#8. 40 Domestic Cats

It is interesting to note that domestic cats are descendants of African wildcats and have been domesticated for thousands of years.

These adorable furry creatures are known for their cuteness, playfulness, and companionship.

Moreover, 58.3 Million pet cats live In The US, meaning you or someone you know own one.

The average domestic cat should weigh around 10 pounds (4.5kg). So, if you could somehow put 4O cats on a scale, they would Accumulate to exactly 180 kilograms.

A Blue Whale’s Heart

#9. A Blue Whale’s Heart

Now, I’ll almost bet you’ve never heard of it, nor did you expect it to be on this list.

The heart of a blue whale is by far the largest object on this list, which is perhaps easy to understand when you consider that a blue whale is by far the largest animal on the planet.

An adult blue whale can grow up to reach 40.000 pounds (18.143kg), and its heart is about 180 kg (400 pounds).

Another way to look at a blue whale’s heart is simply to imagine a golf cart (500 pounds) since they are almost the same size.

As a matter of fact, if you wish to compare the size of a blue whale’s heart to that of your own, it would be about 640 times as much.

An Adult Male Reindeer

#10. An Adult Male Reindeer

Reindeer are a common sight in the Arctic tundra, they are also known for their impressive antlers, which they shed and regrow yearly.

A full-grown male reindeer clocks in at 180 kilograms, easily qualifying for a spot on today’s list.

Despite being commonly associated with Christmas, reindeer play an important role in the culture and traditions of many indigenous communities worldwide (take the Sámi culture, for example).

These majestic creatures are also quite adapted to life in cold environments, thanks to their thick fur and a layer of fat beneath their skin to help insulate them from the cold.

An Adult Male Gorilla

#11. An Adult Male Gorilla

Moving on next on the list, we have adult male gorillas. These massive creatures can weigh up to 180-190 kg and reach a height of six feet (1.8m) when standing on two legs.

They are found in central and eastern African forests and are known for their incredible strength and intelligence.

Besides their impressive imposing size and distinctive silverback markings, Gorillas are also known for their social behaviour, living in groups led by a dominant male known as a silverback.

A lioness

#12. A lioness

Lions are the only cats that live in social groups called pride. Male lions can reach a weight of up to 250 kilograms (550 pounds), while lionesses weigh slightly less than that, at around 180 kg (400 pounds).

Male lions mainly defend the territory and the pride members against intruders.

Lionesses, on the other hand, are the primary hunters for the group, able to take down many times their own size, all thanks to their incredible speed and agility.

Unfortunately, lions are threatened by habitat loss and poaching, with only around 20,000 remaining in the wild.

A Female New Zealand Sea Lion

#13. A Female New Zealand Sea Lion

New Zealand sea lions are the rarest and most endangered species on this list.

They are found only in the coastal waters of New Zealand (hence their name) and are known for their distinctive long snout.

Their males (bulls) measure 240-350 centimeters long and weigh between 320-450 kilograms.

Whereas adult females (cows) grow up to be 180-200 centimeters long and weigh in at 90-180 kilograms.

NZ sea lions are well adapted to aquatic life, being streamlined-bodied, with strong fins and excellent swimming abilities.

However, they are threatened by habitat loss, overfishing, and pollution. Their population (currently about 12,000) is continuously declining.

A female grizzly bear

#14. A Sow (female grizzly bear)

According to the National Wildlife Federation, Grizzly bears are one of North America’s largest and strongest animals.

They can weigh upward of 700 pounds, equivalent to a small car’s weight.

The males (boars) are generally larger than the females and can weigh between 400 to 270kg (or 600 pounds), whereas the females (Sows) weigh around 160 to 180 kilograms in some parts of the United States.

These bears are very powerful and have sharp claws that they use to hunt for food and dig for things like roots and small animals.

They have a distinctive hump of muscle on their back, which is a characteristic that separates them from black bears.

Despite their size and strength, grizzly bears are still endangered by habitat loss and hunting.

Therefore, protecting these magnificent animals and their habitats is critical to ensuring their continued existence in the wild.

An Adult Harp Seal

#15. An Adult Harp Seal

Harp seals are a common sight in the Arctic. They are known for their agility, playfulness, and distinctive harp-shaped markings on their back (hence their name)

Despite their cute appearance, these seals are impressively hefty. Adult male harp seals can reach weights of 180 kg (400 pounds), while females weigh a bit lower at about 158.7kg (350 pounds)

One cool fact about Adult Harp Seals is their remarkable ability to hold their breath for up to 16 minutes, allowing them to dive up to 1,300 feet (396 meters) deep in search of prey.

Thanks to their unique anatomical adaptation, they are able to tolerate high levels of carbon dioxide and low levels of oxygen while diving.

Sadly, commercial hunters also target Harp Seals for their meat, oil, and fur. Despite conservation efforts, their population (currently at 7.6 million) continues to decline.

14 & half Gold Bars

#16. 14 & half Gold Bars

Gold is a precious metal that has been used for various purposes throughout history, from currency to jewellery to investments and so on.

Gold bars are typically measured in troy ounces, while the weight of a single gold bar can vary depending on its purity and size.

A standard gold bar weighs about 12.44 kilograms (400 troy ounces).

After a quick math, 14 and a half gold bars would equal approximately 180.58 kilograms (or 5,800 troy ounces).


Your knowledge of things that weigh 180 kg should now have increased by about 16 things.

I sincerely hope this list piqued your interest and you have learned some new and fascinating facts you can share with your friends and family.

Again, thank you for browsing, and I hope to welcome you back soon for more interesting and informative content.

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