Things that weigh 40 Grams - (40 Grams Comparison)

9 Things that weigh 40 Grams – (40 Grams Comparison)

Wondering what weighs 40 grams? Perhaps you need to calibrate your scale, Perhaps you need to weigh something precisely and need a reference point, or maybe you’re just curious.

Well, wonder no more! Today I’ve compiled a list of 14 common items weighing 40 grams to give you a helpful reference point for future weight comparisons.

From a regular deck of cards to a pair of headphones, most items on this list are easy to grab and within easy reach. And while some come in at exactly 40 grams, others may vary slightly due to differences in material or size.

To make sure that the numbers in this article match! I have researched and compared several sources myself (including the original research) to get the correct weight figures

Besides the 40g weight comparison, I will also briefly describe the use or importance of each item, and hopefully, by the end, you will better understand how 40 grams weigh and feel.

40 Grams is equal to:

  • US Coins
  • 3 Tablespoons of US Butter
  • 4 Tablespoons of flour
  • 6 Pens
  • 4 AAA Battery
  • 4 Graphite Pencil
  • 20 Pieces of Paper Towel
  • A Hershey’s chocolate bar
  • 4 standard-sized BIC lighter
  • A 6F22 C battery
  • 22 Playing Cards
  • 3 Empty Cans of Soda

#1. US Coins

US Coins

The first item on our list is none other than the US coins, and I made sure they come first for a pretty good reason; you probably have some lying around in your pocket at this exact moment. And guess what? They are about to be handy.

While measuring 40 grams using United States coins can get a little tricky, the US Mint luckily provides information on the weight range of their coins.

Pennies weigh 2.5 grams, nickels weigh 5 grams, dimes slightly above 2 grams (2.268 g), quarters weigh 5.67 grams, half dollars weigh 11.34 grams, and dollar coins weigh 8.1 grams.

I’ve done the math on your behalf, and to equal 40 grams, you’ll need one of the following:

  • 16 Pennies
  • 8 Nickels
  • 17.6 Dimes
  • 7 Quarters
  • 3.6 50¢ Coins
  • 5 $1 Coins

To measure out exactly 40 grams, you can use a combination of different coins. For example, ten dimes and four pennies would do the trick, totaling 22.68 grams, but if you remove one penny, you’ll have 20.34 grams.

Another option would be four quarters, which weigh 22.68 grams in total. You can then remove one quarter to get down to 20.01 grams.

It’s essential to remember that the weight of coins may vary slightly due to wear and tear. By this, I mean it’s best to use a precise scale to ensure your measurements are accurate.

Tree Tablespoons of US Butter

#2. Tree Tablespoons of US Butter

Who knew that butter could be so versatile? While it is commonly used in cooking and baking, it can also be used to measure weight.

I’ve actually used butter as a reference point for measuring in one of my other guides for things that weigh half a pound.

A single tablespoon of US butter weighs about 14.2 grams. So, if you need to measure out 40 grams of something, you’ll need approximately three full tablespoons of butter.

Although the total weight may be slightly off by an extra gram, it’s still a handy measurement hack to use when nothing else is available.

Four Tablespoons of Bread flour

#3. Four Tablespoons of Bread flour

Assuming you’re based in the USA, you’re probably familiar with various available flour types and brands, ranging from All-purpose floor, Almond, Buckwheat, and so on.

But did you know! A couple of tablespoons of bread flour can be used as a substitute when measuring by weight is not an option.

According to Bakinglikeachef, 40 grams is equal to a variety of amounts of tablespoons of flour. Thankfully, they’ve also shared a very in-depth chart converting all sorts of floor to grams, and it goes like this:

Floor brand:40 grams equivalent:
All-purpose flour5.1 tbsp
00 flour5 tbsp
Almond flour6.7 tbsp
Bread flour5 tbsp
Buckwheat flour5.3 tbsp
Cake flour6.4 tbsp
Chestnut flour7.4 tbsp
Coconut flour5.7 tbsp
Cornflour4.3 tbsp
Gluten-free flour5.2 tbsp
Pastry flour5.9 tbsp
Rye flour6.3 tbsp
Self-rising flour5.1 tbsp
Semolina flour3.8 tbsp
Tapioca flour5.2 tbsp
Whole wheat flour4.9 tbsp

Remember that this is based on 40 grams portion size and may vary slightly depending on the specific brand and humidity of the flour. Nonetheless, this list provides a helpful reference measuring point.

Six Pens

#4. Six Pens

Pens are truly versatile tools that we commonly use for a variety of tasks, such as writing, drawing, and signing documents. But did you know that they can also help you measure the weight of 40 grams? (provided they are of standard size and weight)

One of the most popular pen brands is Bic, which has a blue plastic cap. A Bic pen typically measures around 6 inches in length and weighs between 6-7 grams.

Now that you know the average weight of a single pen, the rest is peanuts. You can calculate how many additional pens you need to get to 40 grams. The answer will be no more than six pens.

Of course, it may not be an exact match, but it’s close enough to give you a general idea of what 40 grams feel like.

Four AAA Batteries

#5. Four AAA Batteries

Batteries come in different sizes and classifications, each with its own weight. Take an AAA alkaline battery, for example, which weighs about 11.5 grams, and if you were to combine four of them, you’d end up with about 40 grams.

On the other hand, a rechargeable NiMH AAA battery weighs approximately 15 grams, slightly heavier than an alkaline battery.

In contrast, lithium AAA batteries weigh what seems to be the least, at about 7.6 grams each.

Lithium batteries are favored for their lightweight and high energy density, making them ideal for portable electronic devices such as cameras, smartphones, and laptops.

That said, the total weight of most batteries out there, including the one in your device, varies depending on how much power it has at any given time. (For instance, an empty battery will weigh less than a fully charged battery).

A 6F22 C battery

#6. A 6F22 C battery

A 6F22 C battery is a common type of battery that is often used in household items such as flashlights, remote controls, and toys.

This type of battery typically weighs around 40 grams, making it a useful reference point. We can quickly estimate the weight of other objects that may be of similar mass or weight, such as small electronics or tools.

22 Playing Cards

#7. 22 Playing Cards

A standard playing card typically weighs around 1.8 grams, while that number can be influenced by a few factors such as size, thickness, and material composition.

Most playing cards are made of paper or plastic, which are relatively lightweight materials; now that we know the weight of a single card, the rest is peanuts, and it makes sense to use them as a reference point for our weighing adventures.

We can quickly estimate the weight of other objects of similar mass or weight by multiplying the weight of a single card (1.8 grams) by the number of cards we need to reach a certain weight point.

For example, if you have 22 playing cards, their estimated weight would be around 39.6 grams (1.8 grams x 22 cards).

Remember that each card’s weight may vary slightly, impacting the overall weight estimate. But this estimation should work well for most standard decks of playing cards.

3 Empty Cans of Soda

#8. 3 Empty Cans of Soda

You’ve probably had a soda sometime this week or even today, but have you ever wondered how much this drink can actually weigh? An average empty 12-fluid-ounce drink can weigh 20 grams.

I re-ran the math and found that you’ll need exactly 2 empty soda cans to equal 40 grams.

However, an alternate way to estimate 40 grams feel is to lift an empty 2-liter soft drink bottle. On average, each will it weigh about 40-42 grams,

Holding the cans in your hand will give you a tangible sense of the weight you are looking for.

If you are out of empty beverage cans, you can also estimate the 40-gram weight by lifting an empty 2-liter soft drink bottle, which weighs 40-42 grams on average.

Alternatively, you can take 18 lids from soda bottles to reach 40 grams (2.2 grams per lid).


Before I leave you guys, here are some honorable mentions of objects weighing the same or close to 40 grams:

  • Four Graphite Pencils
  • 20 Pieces of Paper Towel
  • Four standard-sized BIC lighters

Indeed, the world around us is full of fascinating items that can help us understand weight and measurement.

Hopefully, you’ll know what to look for next time you need to weigh something at exactly 40 grams!

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