12 Things That Weigh 6 Kilograms – (6 kg Examples)

9 Things That Weigh 6 Kilograms – (6 kg Examples)

How heavy is 6 kilograms? While that might be an easy query for those of us, who have a scale handy. However, what if we don’t have a scale nearby? Then things might get a bit tricky.

In other units, 6 kilograms equals 6,000 grams, 13.23 pounds, or 211.64 ounces. But knowing these conversions doesn’t help you understand what 10 kilograms feel like.

That’s why knowing a few common items that weigh 6 kilograms can be useful. Not only will they act as a great reference point for future weight comparisons, and they will give you a precise idea of how heavy 6 kg is.

Also, to make sure that the numbers in this article are accurate! I have researched and compared several trusted sources myself (which I’ll link to when needed) to get the correct weight figures.

As an extra, I’ll also briefly describe each item, focusing on their use or relevance to the weight of 6 kilograms. So without further ado, let’s start with the first of our 6 kilograms examples.

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#1. A kettlebell

Kettlebells are common gym equipment often used in strength and conditioning training to improve strength, agility, and flexibility.

They are made of solid iron and are designed with a handle for comfortable gripping and come in a variety of weights, allowing individuals to select the suitable weight based on their strength level and exercise preferences.

The average Kettlebell can weigh anywhere between 6 kilograms all the way to 16 kg. This allows individuals to select a suitable weight based on their strength level and exercise preferences.

Beginners or those looking for warm-up exercises often choose the 6 kg kettlebells. At the same time, the heavier ones are typically used for more intense workouts.

#2. A Vacuum Cleaner

The first vacuum cleaner was invented by Hubert Cecil Booth in 1901, and ever since, vacuums have become one of the most common household appliances worldwide.

Vacuum cleaners come in various types, such as stick vacuums, canister vacuums, and upright vacuums. Among them, the upright ones are the most popular and commonly used by people.

The diversity in vacuum types also affects their weight, alongside other factors such as their motor, bag capacity, size, and any extra attachments they may have.

For instance, lightweight upright vacuum cleaners usually start at around 13 pounds, which is almost 6 kg, and can go up to 18 pounds.

#3. Six Liters of Water

Water is a vital substance for life and has a wide range of useful uses. One of which is being an ideal reference point for visualizing or guessing the weight of an object.

This is not only because it’s easily accessible but also due to its density, which is approximately 1 kg per liter. This means that if you can visualize or even measure six liters of water, you can easily calculate a weight of 6 kg.

#4. Ten Basketballs

The first basketball game was played on December 21, 1891, with nine players on each team. Since then, Basketball has become one of the most popular sports played worldwide.

According to Sports Definitions, the standard weight of a basketball is approximately 0.6 kg (or 1.3-1.4 lbs). This means that to reach the weight of 6 kilograms, you’d need 10 basketballs.

#5. Three Baby Piglets

Piglets are incredibly intelligent animals and can learn tasks quickly. These domestic pigs are often raised on farms for meat production or as pets.

Usually, a sow (mommy pig) will have 12 to 13 pigs per litter. each weighing about 2.5 pounds. However, they can double their weight by their second week.

To equal the weight of 6 kg, you’ll need about 5 baby piglets or 3 one-week-old ones.

#6. Billiard Balls

The game of billiards has been played for centuries and was first enjoyed by royalty in the 15th century.

To play billiard, you’ll need Billiard balls, a billiard table, and cue sticks. However, to be good at it, you’ll need good hand-eye coordination, balance most importantly, you’ll need skills.

According to World Pool-Billiard Association, billiard balls must be crafted from a particular type of plastic known as cast phenolic resin. These balls adhere to a specific weight range, typically falling between 156 to 170 grams.

So, If you’ve ever been curious about the weight of 6 kg and wish to visualize its heaviness, here’s a helpful comparison. Imagine a set of 35 billiard balls, which should give you a reasonably accurate estimation.

#7. Six Pairs of Shoes

Did you know that the oldest known shoes, made from sagebrush bark, were discovered in Fort Rock Cave in Oregon, USA? These ancient shoes are estimated to be over 9,000 years old, showcasing the long history of footwear.

In today’s world, shoes play a dual role as both protective gear and fashionable accessories for our feet. You might even be wearing a pair right now!

The weight of shoes can vary depending on the type and material. For example, a pair of men’s dress shoes, walking or running shoes won’t weigh that heavy, not exceeding 1 kilogram in most cases.

While other types of shoes, such as military or basketball, or Logger Work are expected to weigh much more.

Now, to reach the quota of 6 kilograms, you’ll need no more than six pairs of shoes bundled together. Which shouldn’t be hard to pull off since most households hold a bunch of those.

#8. Six Bantam chickens

Bantam chickens are small-sized chicken breeds known for their feisty and courageous nature and suitability for urban or small-scale farming.

These chickens not only have their own unique roles in providing companionship, eggs, or even as exhibition birds. They can also serve as a reference point for weight comparison.

The weight of a bantam chicken will max out at about 1 kilogram, which is 20-30% of the weight of a typical standard-sized chicken.

So If you’re trying to visualize the weight of 6 kilograms, imagine having a flock of about six Bantams. That’s approximately the combined weight they would have!

#9. Six Kilobars

Gold has been highly valued throughout history for its rarity and beauty. A kilobar is a gold bar weighing approximately 1 kilogram (1000 grams).

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to collect six kilobars of gold, you’ll have a total weight of 6 kilograms and, needless to say, a bunch of wealth.


It’s fascinating to see how various objects can serve as reference points for estimating weight and help us appreciate their diverse qualities.

By exploring the examples mentioned above, I hope it made it easier for you to understand what 6 kg actually feels like.

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