What Weighs 700 Pounds? Find Out Here! (Examples Provided)

Looking for items that weigh around 700 pounds? Many objects fall into this weight category. From the vending machine, you walk past on the street to the ATMs you use to withdraw money, to some of the animals you are familiar with, like domestic donkeys and Pony horses, and so on…

700 pounds is no small thing. Imagine 3 baby elephants lying on your lap! Now, that should help you guestimating shown heavy 700 pounds can be.

Today on Thingsonascale, I’ve compiled a list of both objects and animals that weigh the closest to 700 pounds.

By visualizing and having these objects as reference points, I think it will be easy for you to get an idea of this massive weight.

But before I do that, let me define 700 pounds for you.

700 pounds is equal to:

  • 317.5 kilograms.
  • 50 stones.
  • 11,200 ounces.
  • 317,515 grams.
  • 0.35 tons.
  • 3113.8 newtons.
  • 3,508,500 carats.

Now I needed to make sure the mass figures were accurate! So I did extensive research and fact-checked the references to ensure all the numbers and statistics in this article were accurate.

With that said, let’s start our 700 pounds examples comparison.

2 Drums of oil

#1. Two Drums of oil

As their name suggests, these drums are mainly used for the storage and transportation of oil, and they serve their purpose perfectly.

Oil barrels’ weight varies depending on their storage capacity and the oil type being stored. Crude oil being the heaviest because of its high viscosity and heavy weight.

However, the most common size is the 42-gallon drum, which weighs about 350 pounds each, while larger barrels, such as the 55-gallon drums, can weigh up to 440 pounds.

So, to get an exact 700 pounds weight, all you need is two 42-gallon drums of oil. Given you have access to such materials.

Snooker Table Slates

#2. Two Snooker Table Slates

Snooker table slates form the smooth and level playing surface of a snooker table. Hence contributing to the accuracy and consistency of the ball movement during the game.

The full-size 12 feet snooker table is by far the standard, with each weighing about 365 pounds. Making Two table slates more than enough to reach the 700 pounds threshold.

Beer Kegs

#3. Four Beer Kegs

If you’ve read some of my other weight comparison guides, you will notice I’ve previously used kegs as a reference point (Things that weigh 800 pounds).

These kegs, usually made of stainless steel, play a crucial role in the beer, storing and dispensing beer, ensuring its freshness and convenience for both commercial establishments and beer enthusiasts.

A typical half-barrel keg weighs around 161.5 pounds when full, holding 15.5 gallons of beer (equivalent to 6.8 cases). However, when empty, it weighs only 29.7 pounds.

Therefore, to equal 700 pounds, you’ll need about 4 and a half full kegs and a third. Or 23 empty ones.

Bowling Balls

#4. 43 Bowling Balls

A standard bowling ball typically weighs about 16 pounds, which is the most common choice among male bowlers.

However, the allowable weight range for bowling balls varies from 6 to 16 pounds.

This weight range will impact their buoyancy, with lighter balls (less than 12 lbs) capable of floating in the water.

To reach the 700 pounds weight, you’ll need no less than 43 bowling balls (each weighing 16 lbs)

Gallons of Paint

#5. 63 Gallons of Paint

Paint is an incredibly versatile material widely used to beautify homes, buildings, various surfaces, and artistic expression.

Each day, about 2.3 million gallons of paint are applied in the United States, underscoring the extensive utilization of this indispensable product.

Most paint weighs between 7 and 12 pounds per gallon. Making the average weight of 1 gallon of paint is 11 pounds. Which means 700 pounds is equal to about 63 gallons of paint.

House Bricks

#6. 110 Bricks

Bricks are rectangular building blocks made from clay or concrete. They are strong and important in construction, providing support and making buildings look good.

A standard face brick weighs approximately 6.40 pounds. Therefore, you need 110 bricks to equal the weight of 700 pounds.

Human Brains

#7. 23 Human Brains

Adult human brains weigh about 2.980 pounds on average and are like the boss of our bodies, controlling important things and how we think.

Here’s something cool: Our brains use around 30 different parts to help us see and understand things, which is almost half of the brain’s size.

Now, this might sound strange, but imagine if something weighed 700 pounds. That’s like having 23 adult human brains!

gallons of water

#8. 84 Gallons of Water (318 liters)

Water is really important for us to stay healthy, so remember to drink enough of it. Did you know that water can weigh slightly differently depending on its temperature?

For example, one liter of water (which is about 0.26 gallons) weighs around 2.20 pounds. That’s about 33% more than a pound!

So if something weighs 700 pounds, it’s like having around 84 gallons of water (or about 318 liters). That’s a lot of water!

Sofa Beds

#9. Two Sofa Beds

A sofa bed can be a good choice if you ever need a comfortable place to sit or sleep. It can also turn into a bed when needed and comes in different sizes and designs, affecting their weight.

The average weight for one is about 350 pounds. So if you have two sofa beds, they would weigh a total of 700 pounds.

2 Panda Bears

#10. Two Panda Bears

Panda bears, also known as Giant Pandas, are fascinating animals with cute looks and black-and-white fur.

These lovable creatures mainly eat bamboo and munch on around 14 pounds of it every day because bamboo doesn’t provide much energy.

Adult male pandas can weigh up to 330 pounds (150 kilograms), which is quite hefty. If you have two adult male pandas together, their combined weight will reach the 700 pounds mark.


#11. Ten Dalmatians

Have you seen the movie 101 Dalmatians? If you have, then you know about Dalmatians, a special kind of dog from Croatia.

They have unique coats with spots all over their body and are famous for being lively, fun-loving, and strong and for their ability to sense human feelings.

According to the American Kennel Club, male Dalmatians should weigh around 70 pounds. So, if you have 10 of these dogs together, their total weight would be exactly 700 pounds.


Whether it’s the weight of a vending machine, an ATM, or even certain animals like domestic donkeys or Pony horses, 700 pounds is undeniably hefty.

By understanding the reference points I’ve listed, hopefully, you can better understand exactly what 700 pounds feels like.

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